18-year-old to Serve 40-60 Years for Sexual Assault of Nephew in Blackman-Leoni Township

In February of this year, 18-year-old Brandon James Farnsworth was charged with four counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct in connection with the assault of his nephew, who was four years old at the time. The alleged victim was Farnsworth’s sister’s son; Farnsworth was living with her at the Granada Apartments off Springport Road in November of 2012, when the alleged sexual assault took place.

On Wednesday, July 10, Farnsworth was sentenced to 40 to 60 years in prison for the crime by Jackson County Circuit Judge Susan Beebe. In May, Farnsworth pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct. The mandatory minimum set forth for this criminal offense is 25 years in prison due to the victim’s age. In sentencing the defendant to 40 to 60 years, the judge exceeded the recommended sentence set forth by the state sentencing guidelines.

According to a news article at Mlive.com, Farnsworth bound and blindfolded his 4-year-old nephew in order to sexually assault him. Jackson County Assistant Prosecutor Jennifer Walker said that the assault appeared to be very sadistic, and that Farnsworth only stopped because he couldn’t take the boy’s screaming.

Children’s Protective Services received information regarding the abuse, which led to an investigation being performed by the public safety department. Walker said that Farnsworth fully confessed to the sexual assault after being questioned by Detective Joseph Merritt of the Blackman-Leoni Township Police. She also indicated that the defendant admitted he is “sexually compulsive.”

Michigan sex crime attorneys know that this punishment is extremely severe; considering the defendant’s age, he will possibly be near 60 or even near 80 years old before he is released from prison unless he can successfully appeal his sentence.

Individuals who have been accused of any type of sex offense must obtain the support and legal guidance of a capable and aggressive Michigan sex crime lawyer who will work to protect you from severe criminal penalties.

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