19-Year-Old Allegedly Rapes Grand Rapids Woman After Offering a Ride Home

19-year-old Carlos Alberto Reyes-Velazquez allegedly offered a woman a ride home, then raped her alongside the Gerald R. Ford Freeway early on January 3. News reports state that the alleged 22-year-old victim was found near the East Beltline by a Kent County sheriff’s deputy, where she had walked from the highway after being dumped from Reyes-Velazquez’s vehicle sometime prior to 1:30 a.m. on Thursday.

The woman told police that after becoming separated from a group of friends in the downtown Grand Rapids area, she began to search for them. She then was allegedly approached by a man who asked if she wanted a ride home. News reports describe the vehicle the man was driving as a silver “Corolla-type” car. The vehicle approached the woman in the area of Ionia Avenue and Fountain Street NW. She got into the man’s vehicle after accepting his offer.

The alleged victim claimed that after getting into the vehicle with Reyes-Velazquez, he drove east on the Ford Freeway per her directions. He reportedly pulled off the side of the highway as the vehicle approached the Maryland Avenue area, where he sexually assaulted the woman before forcing her out of the vehicle and fleeing the scene. The woman then located the Kent County sheriff’s deputy after walking to East Beltline.

Approximately 12 hours later investigators located the suspect at a home on Eureka Ave. SE, where they conducted a search after obtaining a warrant. They were able to locate Reyes-Velazquez based on the description given to them by the alleged victim. He was charged on Friday, January 4 with first-degree criminal sexual conduct and unarmed robbery. The suspect remains in the Kent County Jail on a $100,000 bond.

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