23-year-old Sex Offender Violates Probation, Picked Up After Appearing on Newscast

A 23-year-old gay man who appeared on a local Detroit newscast on Thursday, July 12th to talk about being beaten because of his sexual orientation was picked up by Michigan State Police, who had been looking for Thomas Nierman due to parole violations. Nierman was allegedly attacked with a knife and verbally abused because he is gay; as he revealed his scars on the newscast, state police along with others in the community recognized Nierman as a sex offender, and began calling in to the Fox 2 news office.

Apparently Nierman moved to Detroit and failed to register his new address, something sex offenders are required to do. He was convicted in 2008 on criminal sexual conduct involving an individual under the age of 13. Additionally, it was reported that Nierman also violated the terms of his probation in Macomb County.

Michigan State Police Trooper Craig Tuer stated that Nierman is required to provide certain information every quarter, and was locked up recently because his information was not current, leading to the issue of a warrant for probation violation. Police tracked down Nierman’s whereabouts after seeing the news report.

Police and news reporters now question whether Nierman was really beaten because of the fact that he is gay, or whether it may have been due to his criminal background. According to news reports, the investigation into Nierman’s attack may be slowed as he faces issues related to his run-in with law enforcement, which will likely result in the remaining probation time being spent behind years, approximately one year. Nierman could possibly face an extension of his probation.

Michigan sex crimes defense attorneys understand that penalties for a conviction on sex-related crimes are harsh, and that having to register as a sex offender impacts nearly every area of your life. Being labeled a “sex offender” may affect employment, or make if difficult to find a job. If you are forced to register as a sex offender, it affects where you live, where you can visit, your ability to obtain student loans or government assistance and essentially, your freedom. Consult with a skilled lawyer today who will work to keep your name off of the sex offender registry.

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