29-year-old Man Faces Multiple Charges after Allegedly Raping Woman in Grand Rapids Apartment Complex

On New Year’s Day morning, a woman was allegedly raped after 29-year-old Jose Guadalupe Suarez-Cruz entered her apartment, according to news articles at Mlive.com. The woman told officers who responded to the scene that a man she did not know entered her apartment early on New Year’s day morning while she was sleeping. He allegedly entered the bedroom, where she claims he sexually assaulted her. Following the incident, the woman called police after following Suarez-Cruz into the lobby of the apartment complex as he fled. climate-control-622352-m.jpg

Suarez-Cruz became a suspect in the alleged rape after police spoke to witnesses and other residents of the apartment complex, who claim he had come into their apartments while they were hosting New Year’s parties. Entrance into the building is usually made using keycards, however the doors were left unlocked due to residents hosting holiday parties. Residents whose apartments had been entered by Suarez-Cruz said that the suspect acted inappropriately, and that he behaved as though he belonged at the parties.

After speaking with witnesses, police executed a search warrant that evening and arrested Suarez-Cruz in the 1500 block of Colorado Avenue SE.

Suarez-Cruz was arraigned on charges of home invasion and first-degree criminal sexual conduct on January 3. He remains in jail on a $250,000 bond.

Home invasion and first-degree criminal sexual conduct are both very serious charges in the state of Michigan. First-degree CSC is the most serious sex offense a person may be charged with; criminal penalties include up to life in prison for those convicted. Individuals accused of sexual assault, rape, and other sex crimes often accept plea deals which allow them to plead guilty to a lesser offense, resulting in reduced penalties.

While it may be advantageous in some situations for an individual to accept a plea deal from prosecutors, this is not always the case. If you have been accused of a sex-related offense, consult with a capable and aggressive Michigan sex crime defense attorney right away. Without a skilled lawyer, your freedom, reputation, and career are at risk.

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