39-year-old Kalamazoo Bike Shop Owner Arraigned on Gross Indecency Charge Involving Young Teen

Steven Glen Johnson, a 39-year-old Kalamazoo resident and owner of a bicycle shop, was recently arraigned on charges of indecent exposure and procuring or attempting to procure an act of gross indecency between a male and female. The charge involves a young teenage girl, according to news reports.

Prosecutors allege that Johnson solicited the young teen to participate in sexual acts at a sleepover in his home. The gross indecency charge is a felony that if convicted for will leave Johnson facing up to five years in prison, according to Carrie Klein, Kalamazoo County Chief Assistant Prosecutor. Johnson may also face an additional one year prison term if convicted on the indecent exposure charge, which is a misdemeanor.

Klein stated that the alleged solicitation of the girl occurred in August; the Kalamazoo County sheriff’s office began investigating after being contacted by the girl’s parents, who said that she had told them about the incident. Charges were brought against Johnson on October 9th.

Johnson was released on a $10,000 personal-recognizance bond and was scheduled to attend a an evidence hearing on Wednesday, October 24th, however the hearing has since been delayed due to two other potential victims coming forward, according to the father of the alleged victim. The victim’s father stated, “I would just bet there is even more. My daughter is a hero for bringing this up.” The only information the father would reveal about the incident is that Johnson allegedly lured a large group of girls attending a neighborhood sleepover inside tents.

Michigan sex crimes lawyers realize that while these types of offenses do happen, individuals are often wrongly accused and face prison time for crimes they are not guilty of. Accusations of sex-related crimes are often used to get revenge; young people (children, teens) may fabricate stories which include things that did not actually happen.

If you have been arrested for indecent exposure or gross indecency, do not hesitate to contact an aggressive Michigan sex crimes attorney. All sex-related offenses in the state of Michigan are taken very seriously; punishment handed out is often extremely harsh in comparison to the crime allegedly committed, so strong legal counsel is essential for a good outcome.

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