50-Year-Old Lansing Sex Offender Goes Back to Prison for Sexual Assault of 62-Year-Old Woman

On May 20th of this year, a 62-year-old woman was allegedly sexually assaulted as she took a break from her bicycle ride near Elm and Beech Streets in Lansing. According to news reports, Joseph Johnson, then 49 years old and a convicted sex offender, asked the woman if he could sit down next to her on a bench and talk to her. A brief conversation ensued, and the woman became uncomfortable. As she attempted to get on her bicycle and leave, she alleges that Johnson grabbed her by the upper arm and then began touching her in inappropriate places. Eventually, the woman was able to fight Johnson off and escape.

On Wednesday, September 12, Joseph Johnson was sentenced to a minimum of 3 years and 11 months in prison, and not more than 15 years by Ingham Circuit Judge Joyce Draganchuk. Upon his release, he is ordered to be placed on a lifetime tether for monitoring. Johnson was initially charged with two counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct and one charge of criminal sexual conduct-assault with intent to commit sexual penetration. He pleaded guilty to the latter charge in August.

Prior to this offense, Johnson spent over 13 years in prison for a 1998 conviction on charges of second-degree criminal sexual conduct. He was only released from prison in November of 2011 according to court records.

In the current case, Johnson was given credit by the judge for 112 days already served and order to pay fines and court costs of approximately $1,200.

Michigan sex crime lawyers know that the penalties for those convicted of sex-related crimes are severe. While there are individuals who do commit these criminal offenses, there are also innocent people behind bars or labeled sex offenders who do not deserve it. In some cases, alleged victims falsely accuse innocent individuals out of spite, rage or jealousy. Those who are convicted may face substantial fines, prison time, a criminal record and more.

Whether you are innocent or guilty, contact a seasoned Michigan sex crime attorney if you have been arrested on charges of criminal sexual conduct, rape, possession of child pornographic material or any sex-related offense. Your freedom, reputation and future depend on aggressive, effective legal counsel.

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