67-year-old Taylor Man Charged with Multiple Sex Crimes

man in hand cuffsA Michigan man has been charged with 35 crimes connected to the alleged sexual assault of four teenage girls between the ages of 13 and 15, according to a news article at Mlive.com.  67-year-old Benny R. Grimes of Taylor has been charged with multiple counts of child sexual abusive activity, first- and second-degree sexual assault, and using a computer to commit a crime.  He remains in jail and has been denied bail.

On April 7 the Melvindale Police Department received a complaint regarding an incident which allegedly occurred in Taylor.  Grimes is accused of both sexually assaulting the girls in addition to videotaping and photographing the victims while they were engaged in sexual acts.  Grimes was arrested on April 8th, and is scheduled to appear in 23rd District Court on April 21 for a preliminary exam.

First-degree sexual assault, or criminal sexual conduct, is the most serious sex offense of all in the state of Michigan.  Individuals who are found guilty will face criminal penalties which include up to life in prison.  A felony offense, first-degree CSC involves penetration, and is a charge incurred when certain circumstances accompany the penetration, such as the fact that the victim or victims are between the ages of 13 and 16. 

Second-degree criminal sexual conduct does not involve penetration, but rather contact of a sexual nature.  A conviction for second-degree CSC will leave the defendant facing up to 15 years in prison, and lifetime electronic monitoring in some cases.  Regardless, those who are found guilty will be required to register as sex offenders.  Registered sex offenders are exposed to the public, who have access to their information on the Internet.  Not only that, sex offenders are typically shunned in society, and face difficulty in securing employment, housing, and even financing in some instances.  Offenders must also notify the registry when they change address or employment; failure to do so will result in additional criminal charges.

Regardless of how minor or serious the charges may seem, it is vital for anyone arrested or charged with a sex-related offense to obtain the legal support and guidance of a skilled Michigan sex crime defense attorney.  Your lawyer will work vigorously in an effort to prevent a conviction and the resulting criminal penalties and obtain a positive outcome.

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