70 Arrests Following Detroit Sex Offender Sweep

Recently, a three day “sweep” of the city of Detroit resulted in 70 arrests. Operation TOAST (Tracking Offenders and Apprehending Significant Targets) was implemented by DFAT (Detroit Fugitive Apprehension Team) which consists of several county sheriff’s and police departments, the Michigan State Police, the United States Marshals Service, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Michigan Department of Corrections. According to news reports, 800 sex offenders that currently reside within the City of Detroit are non-compliant; 400 of these individuals have outstanding warrants against them for criminal offenses.

In all, more than 80 officers were involved in the sweep which resulted in 19 misdemeanor arrests, 6 Friend of the Court arrests and 70 felony Sex Offender Registry arrests for cases which involved violent sexual assaults. News reports also state that officers investigated 656 potential violations of sex offender laws which were cleared.

One offender who was caught because of the sweep is now awaiting extradition from Birmingham, Alabama to Michigan. Shantee Brown was charged originally with 1st and 3rd degree sexual assault, kidnapping, and assault with a deadly weapon. After being given bond, Brown fled Michigan on September 13th; he was tracked to Birmingham, where he was arrested on September 26th after attempting to flee the U.S. Marshal led Gulf Coast Regional Task Force on a bike.

Under the Adam Walsh Act United States Marshals are responsible for apprehending federal sex offenders. This responsibility, given to the marshals in 2006, allows them to partner with local and state law enforcement to arrest individuals who fail to register as sex offenders as required by law.

Michigan sex crime defense attorneys understand the severe consequences sex offenders face, and the life-long stigma associated with having to register as a sex offender. When convicted on a sex offense such as date rape, child molestation, possession of child pornographic materials, criminal sexual conduct and other sex-related crimes, it impacts your life severely – and you face harsh penalties if convicted.

If you have been accused of or arrested for any offense which is sexual in nature, consult with an aggressive and competent Michigan sex crimes defense lawyer immediately for skilled legal guidance and representation.

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