Allegan County Sexting Scandal Leads To Suspensions And Potential Child Pornography Charges

After a recent sexting scandal at an Allegan County high school, community leaders are using this opportunity to educate parents and their teens about the serious consequences that may result from sending sexually explicit photos via text message. What may start out as an innocent-seeming exchange between a dating couple may lead to serious sex crime charges with a potentially long-term impact on your future.

If you or your teen is facing sex crime charges as the result of “sexting” it is important to consult with an aggressive Michigan sex crimes defense attorney immediately to begin preparing your best defense.

Here, a sexting scandal at Otsego High School highlighted the need to teach parents and kids about the potentially serious consequences about sexting. According to reports, a teenage girl sent an explicit photo of herself to her boyfriend while they were dating. After they broke up, the ex-boyfriend forwarded the photo to other teens. As a result of the “sexting,” several students at Otsego High were suspended.

Many teens as well as their parents are unaware that under Michigan law teen “sexting” may be considered child pornography, and a teen who forwards a sexually explicit photo may be charged with distribution of child pornography, a felony charge, and required to post his or her name on the Michigan sex crimes registry. Teens who take the photo may also faces charges such as manufacturing child pornography. Those who are simply in receipt of an explicit photo may face charges for possession of child pornography.

What may start out as a romantic gesture or teenage hijinks can quickly escalate to serious charges with lifelong consequences. For more information about Michigan sexting laws or if your teenager has been charged with sexting, contact a top Michigan sex crimes defense lawyer at Grabel & Associates for an immediate, free consultation.

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