Alleged Sexual Assault Victim Points Finger at Part-Time Youth Minister

Recently, 61-year-old William Miller was charged with sexual assault in connection with an assault that is reported to have taken place about a decade ago on a farm, according to news reports at Miller is a part-time youth minister at St. Catherine Parish in Ravenna and St. Francis Xavier Parish in Conklin, although authorities say that the alleged sexual assault is not related to his church activities. He has been charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct, the most serious sex charge of all. red-barn-on-farm-1423314-m

The alleged victim came forward a few weeks ago, however authorities would not say what compelled her to come forward when she did, only that it was not “unusual” for victims of sex crimes to wait for years before coming forward. According to the alleged victim, the sexual assault took place while she was working on a farm.

While the alleged sexual assault did not involve church related activities or church property, Miller has been suspended from his position as youth minister after church officials heard the news. Miller had been a youth minister in the two parishes he grew up in for about seven years; he lives in the Conklin are on Rolling Acres Farm.

Miller posted bail and was released from jail last week. He was ordered to have no contact with farm employees younger than age 18.

Why did the alleged victim come forward ten years later, and are the allegations true? These are just two of the questions Michigan sex crime attorneys would demand answers to in defending an individual accused of sexual assault. When substantial time has passed since an alleged crime occurred, any concrete evidence may be gone forever. It is extremely difficult to uncover the truth when so much time has passed.

Regardless of what really happened or whether Miller has been wrongly accused, it is imperative that anyone who is accused of sexual assault or rape obtain the legal guidance of a skilled and aggressive Michigan sex crime lawyer immediately. The criminal penalties for those found guilty are extremely harsh, and may include up to life in prison depending on the offense. It is vital to take immediate action in an effort to protect your freedom and reputation.

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