Alto Man Faces Probable Cause Hearing on Child Pornography, Sexual Assault Charges

Jeffrey Victor Marchione, a 47-year-old Alto man who allegedly possessed more than 30,000 images of child pornography, is schedule to be in court on August 21 for a probable cause hearing regarding allegations he molested a young boy. News reports indicate that Marchione allegedly attempted to take his own life when authorities came to arrest him. His probable cause hearing is scheduled to take place in a Kent County courtroom. perscription-drugs-2-1160103-m.jpg

Marchione overdosed on prescription medication as police arrested him for contributing to the delinquency of a minor and third-degree criminal sexual conduct, according to documents filed by Tessa Hessmiller, Assistant U.S. Attorney. He was hospitalized for two days.

FBI investigators want to put Marchione away on charges he traffics in child pornography. Court records indicate federal investigators claim Marchione developed a lengthy guide on how to find and molest children without the victims telling anyone; they also allege the defendant obtained child pornography by advertising on the Internet.

A news article at indicates that Marchione was in contact with numerous children, as he worked in Grand Rapids as a counselor. He and his wife also cared for foster children and exchange students, while having their own biological and adopted children. Marchione lived with approximately 29 children over a span of years, according to federal prosecutors.

The defendant has been held in the Kent County Jail since his release from the hospital, where he remains on a $50,000 bond. The probable cause hearing will help the judge determine if there is sufficient evidence to proceed with Marchione’s case to Circuit Court; the defendant may also opt to waive the hearing and negotiate with prosecutors.
If convicted, Marchione will face possible life in prison. Sex-related offenses are some of the most difficult to both prosecute and defend, because of their special circumstances. It is easy for someone to claim sexual abuse or assault, even when the accused is innocent. In cases where no hard physical evidence exists, innocent people often face serious and life-changing punishment.

If you have been arrested or charged with third-degree CSC, child pornography, sexual assault, rape, or any related offense, waste no time before contacting an aggressive Michigan sex crime attorney.

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