Ann Arbor Man Arraigned on Sexual Assault Charges in Connection with U-M Student

Andrew KruparAndrew Stephen-Rizzo Krupar, a 26-year-old Ann Arbor resident, was arraigned on various sexual assault charges on Friday, May 9, according to news reports at Krupar is alleged to have followed a U of M student home on the morning of April 27 and attempted to sexually assault her. He is scheduled for a preliminary exam on May 22.

Krupar, who is not a student at the university, is said to have followed the 22-year-old woman at approximately 2:30 in the morning as she was going to her East Washington Street apartment. The two did not know each other, according to reports. Investigators have not revealed how the confrontation between Krupar and the alleged victim ended.

The suspect was charged with two felony offenses and one misdemeanor according to police. The charges he faces include assault with intent to commit sexual penetration, fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct, and second-degree assault with intent to commit sexual conduct. Authorities arrested Krupar after someone identified him in security images released by police.

If found guilty, Krupar could face several years in prison. Assault with intent to commit sexual penetration is a very serious felony charge in Michigan, one that could leave Krupar facing up to 10 years behind bars. Individuals who are convicted of this offense will also be registered on Michigan’s Public Sex Offender Registry, which means that the information is available to the public online and can be accessed by potential employers, landlords, financial institutions, and others. Being labeled a sex offender will have a very negative impact on an individual’s reputation, career, housing opportunities, and life in general.

Second-degree assault with intent to commit sexual conduct is also a felony, and leaves the defendant facing up to five years in prison. The outcome in this case will depend on whether Krupar pleads not guilty and goes to trial, whether his attorney negotiates a plea deal, and the effectiveness of the defense attorney handling the case.

If you have been accused of sexual assault, rape, child pornography, or any related crime in Michigan, it is critical to consult with a sex crime attorney at once. The outcome of your case will depend on how quickly you obtain legal representation, the details of your case, and the skill and experience of your lawyer.

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