April – National Sexual Assault Awareness Month

As Michigan sex crimes attorneys, we know that every day there are hundreds of people who are sexually assault, raped, or otherwise become victims each day across the U.S. While this is completely unacceptable, there are also countless individuals behind bars for sexual assault and other related offenses they did not commit. Unfortunately, it is all too easy for innocent individuals to be accused of rape, child molestation, Internet pornography, and other crimes. Often times it’s simply a case of what the alleged victim claims, accusations that are often made out of anger or retaliation. saammaingx_0-300x300

This month is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month, one month out of the year when sexual violence is recognized across all genders, economic backgrounds, races, ages, ethnicities, and more. As criminal defense lawyers, we do recognize the fact that sexual violence and assault crimes are on the rise, especially at colleges and universities across the country. The web is also a place that has made sex crimes more common than ever. In 2016, SAAM or Sexual Assault Awareness Month focuses primarily on healthy sexuality and young people – and considering that in 2013 alone, there were more than 58,000 reported cases of child sexual abuse in the U.S., it is vital that everyone is made aware of the growing problem of sexual violence.

SAAM focuses on prevention, and raising public awareness of violent sex crimes that occur every day. It’s also a month in which various organizations work to educate their own communities regarding how these offenses occur, and to emphasize that rape, assault, or other crimes can happen to anyone, regardless of race, gender, social standing, profession, etc. It is critical that all people in every state are made aware of the frequency of sexual violence, and its violation of human rights and social justice.

As trusted Michigan sex crimes defense lawyers, we recognize that innocent children, teens, and even adults are often made the victims of sexual assault. That said, we also know that in many situations, innocent individuals are considered the “suspect,” even though they did nothing wrong.

In many circumstances, young adults find themselves in situations where they’ve had too much to drink at a college party, bar, restaurant, or even a party at a friend’s house. What begins as consensual sexual relations between two people whose senses are dulled often end up as allegations of rape or sexual assault. In other cases, young children are often coerced into saying things or making up stories that aren’t true, in an effort to get “revenge” on a biological parent or spouse, particularly in cases where one parent is trying to get custody of a child or children. There are scenarios that for most people are unimaginable, but for those who are accused, are absolute nightmares.

Yes, sexual assault takes place every day, in fact much more than most of us realize. However, should those who have been wrongly accused sit behind bars for years or even life, their freedom taken away while their families fall apart and their reputations are ruined forever? Absolutely not.

If you have been wrongly accused of rape, child pornography, molestation, sexual assault, or any related offense consult with an experienced and aggressive Michigan criminal defense attorney with a proven track record in sexual assault cases immediately. Your freedom, reputation, and very life are at stake.

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