Article Finds “Uphill Battle” For Those Wrongfully Accused Of Child Abuse

A thought-provoking article recently published by the Crime Report, examines the difficulties facing those unjustly accused of child abuse.

Referencing the Tonya Renee Craft case in which the former Kindergarten teacher faced 22 counts of child abuse and molestation, the article states that when Michigan psychologist Demosthenes Lorandos first met her he told her “she was a dead woman,” and “[t]hat things were over for her, that she was going to lose.”

One of the reasons for Lorandos’ conclusion was the sense that “the presumption of innocence goes out the window the moment a person is accused of sexual misconduct.”

For example, in the Craft case, over-zealous police and social workers sided with the children accusing her of abuse – despite the lack of physical evidence. Additionally, in many child abuse cases the allegations span several years. Often adults cannot recall dates and circumstances with sufficient certainty to provide an adequate defense to these claims. Further, the way adults and law enforcement officers interview children may lead to false accusations of improper conduct. In Craft’s case, police officers asked leading questions and when the answers didn’t conform to what they wanted, children’s responses were ignored or misconstrued.

How many teachers and parents are in jail now based on false accusations is unknown – often innocent adults will plead guilty as a way to avoid life in prison.

Sadly in Craft’s case, as in many other falsely accused, a not guilty verdict does not end the fight. Often, the falsely accused’s life and reputation has been significantly and often irreparably damaged by the media storm following the accusations.

In the words of Tonya Renee Craft, “Not guilty is the beginning of the fight.”

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