Bay City Man Faces Numerous Charges After Allegedly Sexually Assaulting Girlfriend

A woman who had been living with a man she met via Facebook claims that he raped and assaulted her, holding her captive in the apartment the two shared. Patrick J. Maher Jr., the 33-year-old man who moved into the alleged victim’s apartment in July, has been charged with domestic violence, third offense, unlawful imprisonment, first-degree CSC, second offense, and other counts according to a news article at power-699254-s.jpg

During the defendant’s preliminary exam on September 5, the woman testified that she began dating Maher after meeting him through Facebook in April of this year. She admitted that from the beginning, the relationship was tumultuous and that the two argued frequently.

She went on to testify that on the afternoon of July 17, Maher threw a tennis shoe at her after asking her to cook some food. Later, he asked her to go buy some vodka, and upon her return forced her to take a shot of it. According to the victim, the two went to the bedroom at around 5 that afternoon to have sex, which she said was fine at first until he began getting rough. She claimed in her testimony that Maher began punching her in the side, grabbed her hair, and demanded she cry as he head-butted her.

Maher allegedly threatened her after the incident with physical violence if she attempted to leave the apartment. She said that she did not leave as she has threatened, because she was afraid. One of the victim’s friends came to the apartment later that evening, around 11:30 p.m., and claimed that the defendant was screaming and threatening to kill the woman. The friend called police, who arrived at the scene and arrested the defendant that evening.

While being questioned by Maher’s defense lawyer, the woman admitted that the defendant had not made any physical attempt to prevent her from leaving throughout the day the alleged abuse took place. Maher denies the accusations and claims he did not abuse the woman, according to court records.

First-degree criminal sexual conduct is a very serious charge with life-changing consequences for those convicted. The punishment for this felony offense is potential life in prison. Michigan CSC defense lawyers know that in these types of situations, it is often a case of “he said, she said.”

If you have been in a similar situation and are being accused of a crime you did not commit, it is urgent you consult with a seasoned Michigan sex crime attorney immediately, so that your legal rights and freedom can be protected, and a strong defense devised in order to obtain a good outcome.

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