Bay City Man Pleads No Contest to 2012 Sexual Assaults of Saginaw County Preteen

26-year-old Charles J. View of Bay City recently pleaded no contest in the sexual assault of a 12-year-old Saginaw County girl. The defendant faced a total of 34 felonies, however prosecutors will dismiss 27 of the counts in exchange for View’s no contest plea according to a news article at shutterstock_106035773.jpg

The sexual assaults were allegedly committed in Buena Vista Township in 2012; View is accused of raping the girl on various dates last year. View was initially charged with three counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct against someone under the age of 13, and 14 counts of first-degree CSC. Following the victim’s testimony, Saginaw County District Judge A.T. Frank granted the prosecutor’s request to add 17 additional charges including unlawful imprisonment and assault with intent to commit sexual penetration.

Saginaw County Chief Circuit Judge Fred L. Borchard indicated following a Cobbs hearing that View would likely be sentenced to seven to 15 years in prison. View pleaded no contest, which is not an admission of guilt, to two counts of third-degree CSC, three counts of second-degree CSC against someone younger than 13, and two counts of assault with intent to commit sexual penetration.

Had the first-degree criminal sexual conduct charges not been dropped by prosecutors, View would have faced a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years, the law in Michigan when a victim is under the age of 13.

View is scheduled to be sentenced on November 20 by Judge Borchard; he remains in jail without bond.

Individuals who are accused of sexual assault or rape face very serious consequences, as indicated by the above. Not only will View spend up to 15 years in prison, it is likely he will be required to register as a sex offender. For many, this is the most harsh punishment of all as it leaves the accused not only shunned by society, but facing barriers for the rest of his or her life in gaining employment, applying for loans, even obtaining housing. Crimes of a sexual nature are unfortunately common, however many innocent people sit behind bars serving time for crimes they did not commit.

Anyone who has been arrested or charged with rape, sexual assault, possessing child pornographic material or any related offense must consult with an aggressive Michigan sex crimes attorney immediately in order to protect your legal rights and freedom.

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