Bay City Middle School Teacher Charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct After Allegedly Having Sex with Underage Student

31-year-old Sarah M. Raymo, a T.L. Handy Middle School teacher accused of having sex with an underage student, is scheduled for a preliminary examination on January 29. This hearing will determine whether the judge finds there is probable cause to bind the case over for trial. notebook-wih-spiral-and-red-cover-1223590-m.jpg

Raymo has been arraigned on two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct. If convicted, the maximum punishment is life in prison.

On Monday January 13, Bay City police were contacted by school officials who told them that allegations had been made that Raymo engaged in sexual activity with a student; police began investigating. The alleged victim, a male, told a forensic interviewer that from 2012 through 2013 when he was 13 to 15 years of age, he had sex with the teacher on numerous occasions, sometimes at the school, and sometimes at the Essexville home where Raymo lives. Raymo was arrested on the evening of January 14 and arraigned the following day in Bay County District Court.

As all Michigan sex crime defense attorneys know, allegations of a teacher engaging in sexual activity with an underage student are extremely serious. It seems that situations involving sex between teachers and their students is becoming more common. However, there are many cases in which innocent people are accused of rape, sexual assault, or other offenses they did not commit. An arrest or criminal charges are not necessarily indicators of guilt.

First-degree criminal sexual conduct is the most serious of all sex crimes and involved penetration. In Michigan, those convicted may be sentenced to a lifetime behind bars. When facing such serious charges, it is imperative to consult with a highly experienced and capable Michigan sex crime lawyer. Those who are accused are often frightened and do not know what to expect, or what will happen to them. Will you go to trial? Will prosecutors offer you a plea deal, and should you accept it? Your defense attorney will provide the guidance you need, answer your questions, and work vigorously to ensure the best possible outcome.

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