Bay City Substitute Teacher Charged With Third Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct

Bay City news reports that a Midland woman – Heidi L. Lewis – has been bound over for trial on six charges of third degree criminal sexual conduct. Lewis had served as a substitute teacher at Bay City Highschool and allegedly had sex with three 17-year-old boys in the summer months following her stint as a sub while the regular teacher was on medical leave.

Criminal sexual conduct is a generic term referring to sexual crimes – criminal sexual conduct first degree and criminal sexual conduct third-degree involve some form of penetration, with first degree sometimes referred to by lay people as “rape” and third degree as “statutory rape.”

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Here, the alleged conduct occurred after school was out for the summer and with boys generally above the age of consent. The age of consent though is raised to 18 where the incident involves a student and teacher, substitute teacher or administrator of the school the student attends.

If Lewis is convicted, she faces up to 15 years in prison.

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