Belding Resident May Face Charges in Michigan After Being Arrested in Wisconsin on Child Sex Charges

A 64-year-old Belding, Michigan man could face charges in Michigan after being arrested in Wisconsin and charged with multiple child sex offenses. Jerry Osmolinski was arrested in Janesville, WI on July 16th, charged with use of a computer to facilitate a child sex crime, sexual exploitation of a child and exposing a child to harmful material, descriptions or narrations.

Following the Wisconsin arrest, Michigan State Police served a search warrant at the suspects home according to a press release issued by the MSP. Allegedly, Osmolinski traveled to Janesville on the 16th to have sex with a 13-year-old girl, whom he assumed he had been communicating with online. In fact, Osmolinski had actually been communicating with police investigators over a period of several weeks, discussing the possibility of a sexual relationship and exchanging illegal images. Osmolinski was placed in a Wisconsin jail after arriving at an address where he thought he would meet the 13-year-old, which turned out to be a fictitious address given to the suspect by detectives.

Michigan internet sex crimes defense lawyers know the tactics often used by law enforcement to “trap” individuals allegedly engaging in sex related offenses. These agencies attempt to lure individuals who are otherwise upstanding, law-abiding citizens into lurid conversations with what appear to be minors, a “trick” that can result in an innocent individual being coerced into something they never intended to get involved in.

According to news reports, Osmolinski communicated online using Yahoo Messenger. Wisconsin police shared details about the communication they had engaged in with Osmolinski to Michigan police, who then performed a search of the suspect’s home and allegedly found sufficient evidence to charge him with the sex crimes.

Frequently, innocent people are accused of crimes which are sexual in nature. Even those who are guilty of the charges against them must have solid, effective legal counsel in order to protect their freedom and reputation. Most individuals who are convicted of a sex-related offense are required to register as sex offenders, which essentially casts a stigma on the accused forever, negatively affecting employment and housing opportunities and more. If you have been charged with or are being investigated for any offense that is sex-related, consult with a Michigan sex crime defense attorney immediately.

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