Benzie County Sex Charges Dismissed

According to the Traverse City Eagle, charges were dropped against a Benzie County corrections officer – Richard Lee Zych – accused of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct.

“Criminal sexual conduct” is a generic term that refers to types of sex crimes that Michigan law divides into four categories. First-degree sexual conduct is sometimes referred to as rape, and third degree as statutory rape. Fourth degree sexual conduct typically involves touching of a “sexual nature” of an intimate body part without penetration. A conviction of any criminal sexual offense will require mandatory placement of your name on the sex crimes registry.

Here, in exchange for a guilty plea of “aggravated assault” – a misdemeanor, prosecutors dismissed the Benzie County sex charges facing Zych, sparing him placement of his name on the registry.

If you’ve been arrested or charged with a sex crime, it’s critical to contact an experienced Michigan sex crimes defense attorney at once to protect your rights. Keeping your name off the registry is critical to protect your future and your freedom.

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