Black Male Workers at Southgate Nursing Home Suspended After Alleged Rape

Black male workers at Southgate Manor, a nursing home facility in Southgate, have been suspended after a woman living at the facility claimed she was raped by a black man on October 8th. At the time this news was released, the manager at Southgate did not have a statement.

President of Advantage Management Group Reginald Hartsfield stated to reporters that safety for residents is the top priority. He said that because the suspect was not positively identified at the time of the alleged rape, every black male that could potentially come in contact with the alleged victim had to be suspended from work. Hartsfield said that because the description was vague and basically only included the information that the suspect was a black male, all who fit that description were temporarily suspended with pay while investigations were being conducted.

Gary and Deadra Clemens, a brother and sister whose father is a resident at the manner were shocked at the suspension of the workers, saying it was, “very disrespectful against black people.” Deadra Clemens worked for the nursing home at one time. She said that it wasn’t right to suspend black male workers based on what one resident, who may have dementia or Alzheimer’s, said and that they have no proof the alleged crime occurred.

Gary Clemens agreed with his sister, and said that every black man should not be suspended and that they should do an investigation and find out who really did it. Hartsfield said that each employee will be brought back to work as he is ruled out as a suspect, and assured everyone that had it been a white man or even a woman, the same approach would have applied. Hartsfield is a black man, and said that he understood how the action the facility had taken sounds to some – but that he had to do what had to be done and comply with regulations.

As Michigan rape defense attorneys know, innocent people are frequently accused of committing these types of offenses. In a setting such as a nursing home where some residents do suffer from mental issues, it’s often hard to determine whether something a resident claimed happened is real or imagined without solid proof.

If you have been arrested for rape or any sex-related offense, contact an experienced Michigan sex crimes lawyer immediately for strong, effective legal guidance and representation.

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