Burlington Woman With Overturned Conviction Seeks New Trial

Last year a Calhoun County judge overturned the sexual assault conviction of Lorinda Swain and granted her a new trial. She had been convicted of four counts of first-degree sexual conduct for allegedly having oral sex with her son.

If you have been charged with any Michigan sex crime, it is important to contact an aggressive Michigan sex crimes defense lawyer to immediately begin preparing your defense. If you have been convicted of a sex crime or accepted a plea agreement that seemed unfair you may want to seek appellate review.

Here, based on claims of ineffective assistance – including the failure to call witnesses who could have helped Swain’s case – the original conviction was overturned and Swain was granted a new trial. However, the Michigan Court of Appeals subsequently reversed the circuit court ruling, and the Michigan Supreme Court refused to hear the case. A new hearing will be held on May 16th to determine whether Swain will be sent back to jail or receive the new trial she deserves.

A conviction for a sex crime doesn’t have to be the final word. Many grounds give rise to an appeal. In some situations inadequate legal representation may amount to ineffective assistance of counsel. Other times overzealous prosecutors or judges who overstep their legal authority provide sufficient rationale for review. It is important to speak to an experience appellate attorney to determine what grounds may exist in your case.

For more information or if you have been arrested or convicted of a sex crime, contact the dedicated Michigan sex crimes appeals lawyers at Grabel & Associates.

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