Calhoun County Sexual Assault Charges Dropped Against Pastor

Battle Creek news reports that charges of fourth-degree sexual assault against a Marshall pastor were dismissed this past week.

The charges stemmed from a 14-year-old girl’s statements that the pastor – Matthew Brown – had allegedly sent her sexually suggestive messages on Facebook and that he touched her upper thigh. Criminal sexual conduct fourth-degree involves touching of an intimate body part without some form of penetration. If convicted, the penalties are severe and include potential prisons sentences and mandatory placement of your name on the Michigan sex crimes registry.

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Brown’s trial was set to Tuesday, but prosecutors dismissed the case after a judge ruled that the alleged statements were hearsay and prosecutors were unable to verify that Brown sent them. In sex crimes cases, charges may be filed solely on the basis an alleged victim’s statements. As a result, many times arrests are made and charges filed with little or no physical evidence. When challenged, these statements may not hold up in court. In the meantime, the accused’s life has been turned upside down.

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