Cedar Springs Michigan Man Sentenced to Over 12 Years in Prison for Ohio Sex Crime

In March of this year, federal agents took 43-year-old Herman Kamphuis in to custody after nabbing him for sex crimes allegedly committed in Ohio. According to news reports, Kamphuis drove from Michigan to Ohio to have sex with two girls who were purportedly 6- and 11-years-old after speaking with who he thought was their father online. The individual he was communicating with was actually an undercover officer.

Kamphuis chatted with and messaged the officer in early February according to the criminal complaint. Allegedly, Kamphuis told who he believed to be the father of the two girls that he wanted to “make a 25 year fantasy come true” by having sex with the two girls.

Additionally, the accused brought his computer with him when he went to Ohio for a meeting with the father. The computer allegedly had more than 100 pornographic videos and images of children on it. Kamphuis was placed in a Columbus jail without bond.

Last week, Kamphuis was sentenced to more than 12 years in prison, 145 months with credit for time served. News reports state that he will serve 15 years probation and be placed on a sex offender program as well.

Michigan statutory rape defense attorneys know the serious consequences those convicted of crimes which are sexual in nature face. A charge of criminal sexual conduct can result in 2 years to life in prison, depending upon the degree the accused is convicted of. First-degree criminal sexual conduct often means a mandatory sentence of 25 years behind bars.

Additionally, those convicted on charges of possession of child pornography may face 4 or more years in prison, along with fines of up to $10,000. If charged at the federal level, penalties can be even harsher. Unfortunately, many innocent individuals are charged with offenses which are sexual in nature due to the heavy use of computers and the internet today. Often, pornographic images are unknowingly downloaded. Even viewing images that involve a minor can lead to serious consequences.

If you have been arrested for any type of sex-related offense, protect your future and freedom immediately by contacting a competent Michigan sex crimes defense lawyer.

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