Chesterfield Township Sex Offender Arrested for Threats, Purse Snatching

A 62-year-old registered sex offender was arrested recently after snatching a woman’s purse outside of a Kohl’s department store in Chesterfield Township. Marvin Lee Hopkins was charged with one count of armed robbery, a felony charge that could result in a life prison sentence. He was arraigned on the charge at 42-2 District Court and given a $75,000 cash surety bond. According to news reports, Hopkins was being held at the Macomb County Jail prior to his October 10th pretrial date.

The alleged victim, a 55-year-old woman, had just left the Kohl’s store located just south of 23 Mile Road on Gratiot when she was grabbed by a man as she walked back to her vehicle. The woman gave her purse to the suspect after he allegedly threatened that he would shoot her if she screamed, and that he would kill the victim if she did not hand her purse over. The incident took place at about 12:25 in the afternoon.

After giving the suspect her purse, the woman ran to a nearby K-Mart parking lot. Chesterfield Patrol and Detective units arrived on the scene immediately, but could not locate the suspect, who had fled the area.

News reports state that the woman was at home that same evening when someone knocked at her door unexpectedly. A white male and female stood at her door, her purse in hand. The two claimed that they had found her purse abandoned, and through the address on I.D. inside the purse were able to locate her home. The woman was not injured in the incident.

Ultimately, Hopkins was identified by the two individuals who returned the woman’s purse. Investigators received a tip that helped them identify the good Samaritans, who were key in Hopkins getting charged with the robbery.

While the alleged suspect clearly did not sexually assault the woman, Michigan sex crime lawyers know the difficulties registered sex offenders face in today’s society. For example, this news report mentioned that Hopkins was a registered sex offender, even though the fact had nothing to do with the alleged armed robbery offense. Those who are registered sex offenders face embarrassment, ruin of their careers/reputation, and more.

If you have been arrested for any offense whether sex-related or otherwise, contact a seasoned Michigan criminal defense attorney immediately for legal support and guidance.

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