Convicted Sex Offender Sexually Assaults Neighbor in Tallmadge Township

A 29-year-old Tallmadge Township woman was allegedly sexually assaulted on Sunday evening, September 16 according to news reports, which state a 44-year-old convicted sex offender held her against her will in his home after luring her there.

The suspect reportedly used a ruse to get the victim to come to his home, saying he needed help with something. When he opened the door, he presented a weapon said to be a knife. The alleged victim was sexually assaulted at knife-point according to Ottawa County sheriff’s Lt. Mark Bennett.

The woman called police shortly after midnight to report the kidnapping and sexual assault, who then responded to her residence in the 10000 block of Linden Drive. The suspects was located and taken into custody by Ottawa County sheriff’s deputies. Lt. Bennett said that the suspect had served time in prison for a 2005 conviction on charges of sexual assault while armed, but had been paroled seven months ago.

The sexual assault that took place on Sunday evening was very similar to the one committed by Thompson in February of 2005, according to news reports. In that incident, Thompson is said to have held a knife on a woman who was a member of the church he attended after she came to his home so that her and Thompson’s children could practice guitar together. He then sexually assaulted her.

The suspect, Anthony Scott Thompson, is being held in the Ottawa County Jail for violating parole. Formal charges of kidnapping and criminal sexual conduct are pending.

Sex-related crimes are some of the most serious of all criminal offenses, especially when a weapon is used in the commission of the crime. Those convicted of crimes that are sexual in nature may face long prison terms, substantial fines, a permanent criminal record and be required to register as a sex offender. Michigan sex crime attorneys realize that not everyone suspected of these offenses is guilty; however, if you have been charged with a crime you must have a capable lawyer to represent your legal rights.

If you have been arrested for criminal sexual conduct or any sex offense, consult with an aggressive Michigan sex crime defense lawyer immediately.

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