Criminal Record For Criminal Sexual Conduct May Be Erased For Those Who Participate In Michigan’s Youthful Trainee Act

Petoskey News reports a 20-year-old Gaylord man may be able to avoid a criminal record despite pleaded guilty to one count of criminal sexual conduct. Under the Michigan Youthful Trainee Act (also known as the Holmes Youthful Trainee Act), individuals aged 17-20 may avoid a criminal record after successful completion of their sentence.

If you have been charged with any sex crime, it is important to contact an aggressive Michigan sex crimes lawyer immediately to begin investigating the charges against you and go to work on preparing your defense. A skilled Michigan sex offense attorney can advise you on options available and the best course of action in your case, such as participation in the Youthful Trainee Act.

Under the Youthful Trainee Act, a judge may place youths alleged to have committed a crime, including sex crimes such as criminal sexual conduct, indecent exposure or sexual assault, on probation or in jail without a criminal record if they complete the program. Some exceptions exist to participation in the program, such as if you have been charged with a felony that has a punishment of life imprisonment, traffic offenses or major controlled substances. Also, youths with sentences in excess of three years in prison or probation generally cannot participate in the program.

An aggressive Michigan sex crimes defense firm can advise you on whether you may be able to participate in the HYTA. The Act was based on the belief that youngster may make mistakes that are errors in judgment but don’t warrant a criminal record that may have significant repercussions, including impacting your ability to find a job, where you go to school and in some cases, to live where you choose. Accepting responsibility and pleading guilty is some situations may be a better alternative for some youthful offenders. In most cases participation in the HYTA along with the new sex crimes registry law means that those teens involved in Romeo/Juliet type romances will no longer face the injustice of having to register as a sex offender.

Here, the Gaylord man was accused of criminal sexual conduct based on allegations that he had inappropriately touched a 15-year-old in Elmira Township. In situations such as these, pleading guilty and participating in the HYTA program may provide the best result.

Other times, the best strategy may be to fight the charges. The reality is that many people are falsely accused of and charged with committing criminal sexual conduct. Under Michigan law, charges may be brought based only on allegations without any physical evidence or supporting evidence. Often after the true motivation is uncovered for making the allegations – sometimes it’s a jilted boyfriend or girlfriend, or an upset parent – the charges are dropped. After reviewing the facts and conducting an investigation, an aggressive sex crime defense attorney can advise you regarding the best option in your case.

At Grabel & Associates, we understand that if you are charged with any sex crime, you need an aggressive defense to protect both your future and your freedom. If you are charged with criminal sexual conduct or any other Michigan sex crime charge, contact our aggressive Michigan sex crime defense firm immediately for a confidential and free initial consultation.

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