Detroit Police Chief Steps Down Following Accusations of Sexual Relations With Female Officer

On Monday October 8th, Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee Jr. stepped down following a week of allegations that he had been engaging in inappropriate conduct with a female officer. Godbee will be the second chief of police to be forced out of office in two years due to inappropriate relations of a sexual nature with a female officer.

Mayor Dave Bing announced Godbee’s resignation at a news conference on Monday. According to news reports, Bing stated at the conference that Godbee had decided to resign his position after it was revealed that he was engaged in an extramarital affair with a department internal affairs officer. Bing told reporters that Godbee was very contrite when Bing spoke with him on Sunday, and that he felt he had let all of Detroit down, including the Mayor and his department.

Angelica Robinson, the internal affairs officer Godbee allegedly had a sexual relationship with, revealed the year-long affair. Robinson and Godbee are both married; this is the second alleged sexual affair Godbee has engaged in with a subordinate since 2010, when he became chief.

Robinson learned recently that Godbee was with another woman as he attended a police conference in San Diego; at that point, she posted a photo of herself with a police gun in her mouth on Twitter according to her attorney, David Robinson. Mr. Robinson said that his client had been ordered to undergo a mental evaluation, and that the department had confiscated her gun. He stated, “Apparently, she was contemplating making the ultimate sacrifice out of humiliation, frustration and pain over what it was the chief was putting her through.”

The Detroit Police Department has had problems with inappropriate relationships between those in the chief’s position and subordinates for some time now. Godbee’s predecessor Warren C. Evans was also accused of sexual relations with a subordinate; not long after, it was revealed that Godbee had an affair with the same woman.

News reports indicate that in the interim, 38-year-old Chester L. Logan, a veteran of the Detroit Police Department, will hold the position until a new chief is located.

While there is no indication that a sex crime was committed, Michigan sex crime attorneys know that frequently, individuals are accused of rape, sexual assault and other offenses they are not guilty of.

This is an unfortunate set of circumstances for Detroit and its police department, a department already under tremendous strain.

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