Detroit Prostitution Ring Arrests Raises Questions

The recent break up of an international escort service in Detroit raises questions regarding the legality of prostitution. The Detroit News reports that a husband and wife team ran an internet-based sex empire that dispersed prostitutes to hotels and beachfront villas around the world, including Detroit.

Several editorials regarding prostitution, including one from posed the question, what’s wrong with prostitution when it involves two consenting adults exchanging sex for cash? Here, the situation did not involve young girls or abuse. Rather, the women in the escort business were allowed to keep a large percentage of the profits. The editorial noted that this is a victimless crime and if the company had been allowed to operate in the light of day, Michigan would be able to recoup taxes on this business.

As a Michigan sex crimes defense attorney, I agree. Often, people are charged with “sex crimes” where there is no real victim. Crimes such as prostitution and sexting may occur without the existence of real harm, yet are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If you are convicted, you may face serious penalties such as jail-time and registration on the Michigan sex offender registry.

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