DNA Evidence Exonerates Man After 30 Years

An accused rapist was set free earlier this week after DNA evidence cleared his name. The Texas man – Cornelius Dupree Jr. – was declared innocent after spending 30 years in prison for a 1979 rape and robbery he didn’t commit.

Over the years he had been given two chances to make parole and be released, but only if he would admit to being a sex offender. Dupree Jr. refused to do so, steadfastly maintaining his innocence. Nationally, only two other people have been exonerated by DNA evidence after spending more time in jail.

Imprisoned as a young adult, the now 51-year-old Dupree stated, “It’s a joy to be free again.”

In Michigan, DNA analysis has exonerated two men over the last year of sex crimes they didn’t commit. It is unknown how many other innocent men and women sit in jail for crimes they didn’t commit, often waiting on DNA evidence that will prove their innocence. Unfortunately, a significant backlog of untested DNA evidence exists in Michigan and around the country.

As a Michigan sex crimes defense lawyer, I understand the importance of DNA analysis as part of any vigorous defense. We need to do more to ensure innocent people are not locked up a crime they didn’t commit – especially where exculpatory evidence exists.

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