East Lansing Police in Pursuit of ‘Serial’ Sexual Assault Suspect, Sketch Released

Over the past two months, two Michigan State University students have allegedly been the victims of sexual assault; a third individual was the victim of an attempted sexual assault. Now, East Lansing police have composed a sketch of the man they believe is responsible for the recent incidents, which began on April 20.

According to a news article at Mlive.com, the first victim was physically and sexually assaulted in a secluded area south of Lake Lansing Road at around midnight. On April 26, an MSU student was attacked at approximately 3 a.m. as she attempted to enter her Charles Street home. She was allegedly grabbed by a man who dragged her to a secluded location and attempted to sexually assault her following a physical assault.

The third incident occurred on May 16 when an MSU student was grabbed while walking in the parking lot of an apartment complex located at 204 E. Pointe Lane. The victim was physically and sexually assaulted after being dragged behind a dumpster. Following the assault, the suspect fled northbound on Abbot Road on foot.

All of the victims are MSU students, and all provided similar descriptions of the suspect to police, according to East Lansing police Capt. Jeff Murphy. The suspect is described as a white male approximately 18 to 25 years old of average height and build. Police believe that the assailant has a tattoo located on his left shoulder or arm. The composite sketch which has been released of the suspect is based on a witness description.

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