Ex-Detroit Tigers’ Pitcher Evan Reed Faces Trial in Sexual Assault Case

In late March of 2014, Evan Reed, who was then pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, allegedly sexually assaulted a 45-year-old woman in a MotorCity Casino hotel room. He was charged with two counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct, charges that were dismissed against the 28-year-old Reed in August of last year. Since that time, prosecutors have appealed the dismissal and rape charges have been reinstated against Reed, who is now facing trial. baseball-and-glove-over-white-1155890-m

Reed is no longer with the Detroit Tigers, however he is scheduled for trial in the alleged rape of the victim following a night of drinking at bars in the Royal Oak area. Prosecutors allege that Reed had non-consensual sex with the woman, who claims that she has no memory of what took place after she met the defendant at a Royal Oak bar.

According to a news article at Mlive.com, the couple went to a casino hotel after they finished drinking, where a surveillance video captured the alleged victim falling to the ground before Reed carried her inside. The judge who dismissed the charges against Reed earlier said that there appeared to be nothing wrong with the victim’s gait when she left the hotel just hours later as she descended six flights of stairs. Wayne County District Judge Kenneth King, who dismissed the case last August, said the woman did not appear incapacitated as she left the casino hotel.

Prosecutors did not present semen or rape kit evidence. Reed denies the allegations against him, maintaining that he did not sexually assault the woman in the hotel room as she claims he did.

Rape is a very serious charge, and unfortunately there are cases such as this one in which it is difficult to know what really happened. When drinking is involved, an individual’s memory may be severely impaired. The alleged victim said that she doesn’t remember what happened. Was the sex consensual, and is Reed innocent?

Michigan sex crime attorneys know that many of these types of cases are complex; getting to the real truth can be difficult. Regardless, those convicted of rape or other sex offenses face serious criminal penalties that often include years behind bars, or even life in some cases. The requirement to register as a sex offender is often the most damaging punishment of all.

If you have been accused of rape or any sex offense, consult with an aggressive Michigan sex crime lawyer immediately who will begin work to limit the damage and protect your legal rights and freedom.

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