Expungement Provides Fresh Start For Many

In 2011, Michigan modified its expungement law, allowing for more people to seek an expungement. An expungement means the setting aside of a criminal conviction, and offers many individuals a “second chance.” If a person gets a conviction expunged, he or she are considered not to have been convicted for most purposes. This means being able to tell potential employers truthfully that he or she has a clean criminal record and that the expunged conviction will not appear on a rap sheet.

Recently more than 100 individuals attended a forum at a Detroit Chapel discussing the expungement procedures. If you have questions about expungement of a Michigan sex crime, it’s important to seek the advice of a knowledgeable Michigan sex crimes attorney.

At the forum, a number of expungement questions were raised. Some of these include:

How many adult criminal convictions or juvenile convictions can you have to be eligible for an expungement?

If you have more than one adult criminal conviction or more than one juvenile case, you cannot get an expungement. However, if you only have one total conviction, it may be possible to get a conviction expunged.

What type of convictions can be expunged?

Minor traffic offenses like speeding tickets are not considered convictions, so are not included in the type of offenses that can be expunged. However, misdemeanors such as driving on a suspended license can be expunged.

Can felonies be expunged?

Yes – however a conviction for a felony or the attempt to commit a felony where the punishment is life imprisonment cannot be expunged.

It’s always a good idea to consult with an experienced Michigan expungement attorney if you have questions concerning whether a certain type of criminal conviction can be expunged.

I was convicted for a Michigan sex crime, can my record be expunged?

While an expungement may not be available for many types of Michigan sex crimes, you may be eligible for an expungement if you were convicted of misdemeanor criminal sexual conduct or if your sex crime conviction is a juvenile record for criminal sexual conduct.

How many years do I have to wait until I can get an expungement?

You must wait 5 years from the date of your conviction or the disposition of your juvenile matter.

Expungements offer many people a second chance and are worth the effort to achieve a “clean record.” If you are interested in getting an expungement or have questions about your eligibility, please contact the aggressive Michigan sex crimes expungement attorneys at Grabel & Associates for an immediate consultation.

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