Former Ann Arbor Public Schools Employee Pleads Guilty to Criminal Sexual Conduct Involving 10-year-old

On Friday July 12, 31-year-old Ryan Erskine pleaded guilty to assault with intent to commit second-degree criminal sexual conduct on a child. Erskine is a former Ann Arbor Public Schools employee who claims he met the 10-year-old alleged victim while working at the Community Education and Recreation office, according to police in a news article at 1275249_study_table.jpg

News reports claim that Erskine was babysitting the child at a home in Hamburg Township in August 2012, when the incident occurred. Alysha Barbacik, a police officer with the Hamburg Township Police Department, said that the defendant met the child while working as an assistant in the Ann Arbor Community Education and Recreation School Age Child Care program.

Although the inappropriate touching reportedly took place in August, it was not reported until October of last year. Prior to his plea agreement, Erskine was charged with four counts of second-degree CSC according to William Valliencourt, Livingston County Prosecutor. Valliencourt stated that as of this time, he is not aware of any other investigations regarding Erskine, who is schedule to be sentenced on August 22.

Erskine will face no more than one year in jail according to the Livingston Daily. The maximum penalty for assault with intent to commit second-degree criminal sexual conduct is five years in prison.

Michigan sex crime lawyers know that the criminal penalties for sex-related offenses are extremely harsh. While most involve jail time and substantial fines, the requirement to register as a sex offender is often the worst of all because of its negative impact on the accused individual’s life in regards to employment, housing, and more.

Unfortunately, many innocent individuals are accused of crimes they did not commit; this results in many people sitting behind bars for years, facing punishment they do not deserve. While there is no doubt many people commit sex offenses, there is also no doubt that many individuals are wrongly accused, and ultimately pay the price in terms of their freedom and reputation.

If you or someone you know have been accused of rape, sexual assault, possession of child pornography or any related offense, consult with a skilled and aggressive Michigan sex crime attorney immediately.

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