Former Christian Radio Host Arraigned on Sexual Assault Charges

John Balyo, formerly a radio host at WCSG, a Christian station, was arraigned on June 23 on charges of first- and second-degree criminal sexual conduct after allegedly sexually assaulting a child who was younger than 13, according to news reports at Prosecutor David Gilbert stated that Balyo admitted to some of the allegations against him. Balyo was denied bond following the arraignment in Calhoun County District Court. a-cd-player-1336514-m

Balyo allegedly paid Ronald Moser, a Battle Creek resident who was reportedly interested in trading child porn and posted explicit sexual photos to an Internet website, to arrange for Balyo to engage in sexual activity with a minor child. Balyo was arrested on June 20 while attending a music festival held in Gaylord.

Balyo worked at WCSG for eight years, although the station cut ties with him over the weekend. Chris Lemke, general manager of WCSG, said that the staff at the station would pray for Balyo, his family, co-workers, and those who were affected by the incident. Michigan State police, Battle Creek police, and Homeland Security assisted in investigating the allegations against Balyo, whose probable cause hearing is slated for July 7.

Balyo is 35 years old, according to news reports. If he is found guilty of first-degree CSC, he could spend the rest of his life behind bars. First-degree criminal sexual conduct is the most serious charge an individual can face in regards to sex crimes, and involves penetration. Second-degree CSC is a serious charge as well, and while it does not involve penetration may leave the defendant facing a maximum of 15 years in prison.

Individuals who are convicted of criminal sexual conduct may also be monitored for life, and required to register as sex offenders. For many who spend only a short period of time behind bars, being labeled a sex offender impacts their lives more than any other form of punishment. Sex offenders have a difficult time securing employment and housing; the stigma that surrounds them is impossible to shake off.

Anyone who has been accused of sexual assault, child pornography, or any sex crime must take action immediately to protect your future, reputation, and freedom. Contact a highly skilled Michigan sex crime attorney right away.

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