Former School Janitor Charged With Criminal Sexual Conduct After Allegedly Having Sex With 7th Grader

Marc Morris, a 28-year-old former school janitor who worked at Traverse City East Middle School, was recently arrested on charges of criminal sexual conduct in the 1st degree after allegedly having sex with a 7th grade student of the school.

According to news reports, Morris’ father is former Traverse City school board president Gerald Morris. Marc Morris was convicted for possession of marijuana and drunk driving prior to being hired, which school officials ignored. Officials stated they were aware of the drunk driving conviction before hiring Morris in 2008; however, Human Resources Director Cindy Berck stated that school officials were not aware of the marijuana conviction.

Sex crime defense lawyers in Michigan know that while those accused are often guilty of the offense they have been arrested for, other times innocent individuals spend time behind bars for a crime they did not commit. Offenses that are sex-related are often delicate in nature, as people may falsely accuse someone out of spite or hatred.

Morris was charged with three felony counts of criminal sexual conduct on August 2nd. News reports revealed that allegedly, Morris began a sexual relationship in 2010 with a student who at the time was 13 years old and attended East Middle School during the time he was employed at the school as a janitor. Morris is currently being held without bond in the Grand Traverse County Jail.

Now there has been a bit of controversy over whether Morris’ father Gerald Morris put pressure on the school to hire his son in 2008. Cindy Berck said that he did mention that his son applied for the position, but that he did not pressure staff to hire him. Gerald Morris does not recollect mentioning the fact that his son had applied for the janitorial position to anyone.

Suspicions began when the alleged victim’s mother found a photo on the girl’s cell phone from someone identified as Marc. She notified police after her daughter told her that the photo was from Marc Morris.

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