Former Southwestern Michigan Teacher Facing Sexual Assault Charges

David Wing, a former southwestern Michigan teacher and coach, was arrested on Saturday on sexual assault charges. Wing, who is 59 years old, is accused of the sexual assault of a 16-year-old child and producing child sexually abusive material, according to a news report at Wood TV. hand-cuffs-12754-m

Wing was escorted from his Three Rivers home by police in handcuffs, and is charged with four felony offenses involving children. News reports indicate that investigators spent hours at the suspect’s home collecting evidence against him.

A neighbor told reporters that residents of the neighborhood wondered why Wing was led from his home, also saying that there were a “bunch” of cops at his home on July 4th as well. The neighbor said that she believed they should be informed if there is something going on that involves kids.

Wing worked at several school districts including Hillsdale, Constantine, Marcellus, and Three Rivers. He was a coach and assistant principal at Marcellus, and according to a parent whose daughters were coached by Wing, “would do anything for anybody.” Some of Wing’s friends told reporters that they did not believe the allegations against Wing could be true, and that he had been accused by a student in Constantine but won the case against him.

A news article at states that the allegations against Wing go back to 2008, and that he has been charged with four felonies. Wing is scheduled back in court for a preliminary exam later this month.

In the state of Michigan, the possession of child pornography or materials that are determined to be child sexually abusive is a serious felony. When someone is charged with the actual production of child sexually abusive materials, the situation becomes even more serious and leaves the accused facing years in prison if convicted. If an individual is found guilty of coercing a child who is younger than 18 years old to participate in the creation of child sexually abusive or pornographic material, he or she may be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison along with fines of up to $100,000.

Regardless of how minor or serious the situation may seem, it is critical that anyone accused of a sex crime consult with a qualified Michigan sex crime attorney immediately. It is important that you take action right away to avoid possible loss of your freedom and other damaging consequences.

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