Former Warren Junior Varsity Football Coach Under Investigation for Sexual Assault of Teenage Student

On September 17, it was reported by that a former junior varsity football coach at Warren Lincoln High School was under investigation for the sexual assault of a 17-year-old female student. The mother of the girl told reporters that her daughter believed the relationship was “true love.” coach-and-players-34668-m

The former coach, who was also a teacher’s aide, allegedly had sexual relations with the girl on the school campus. The girl’s mother said that she received a call from the school, and that they wanted her daughter to make a statement, to which she replied that her daughter could not do anything without her or an attorney present.

The former coach, who has not been named, had not been officially charged with any crime at the time of news reports. He was in California at the time, however investigators said they were continuing the investigation. Louis Galasso of the Warren Police Dept. said that police had requested a warrant for third-degree criminal sexual conduct for two counts. The girl’s mother said that inappropriate text messages had been sent by the coach, along with a video of himself masturbating. She feels that the school district should protect the students better, and that they are to blame.

The coach was immediately placed on unpaid administrative leave in June, when the school district was informed of the allegations of sexual misconduct.

As Michigan sex crime attorneys are fully aware, many young teenage girls find themselves infatuated with teachers, coaches, or others in positions of authority at school. The girl’s mother in this situation admitted that her daughter thought it was “true love.” However, this does not excuse the offender from facing criminal charges. If charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct and found guilty, the former coach may face up to 15 years in prison.

Anyone who is accused of improper sexual relations with a minor, student, or who is arrested for rape, Internet sex crimes, or any similar offense must speak with a skilled Michigan sex crime lawyer immediately. There are countless situations in which an innocent individual is wrongly accused. You must seek capable, qualified legal counsel to ensure a good outcome.

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