Four Williamson County, TX Sheriff’s Dept. Employees Placed on Administrative Leave Following Sexual Assault Allegations, Now Narrowed Down to One

Over the past weekend, four Williamson County Sheriff Dept. employees were placed on paid administrative leave including one corrections officer and three sheriff’s deputies for allegedly sexually assaulting an individual, according to a news article at the Austin American-Statesman. Now, a more recent article at claims that it has been determined only one of the employees is accused of committing the sexual assault. Writing to Win Button- Appeals Section

Captain Mike Gleason originally stated that four employees were on paid leave, and all four currently remain on paid leave. However, the three individuals who have been cleared of the allegations will be considered witnesses, and are not charged with any criminal acts. Neither the names of the employees or the alleged victim have been released. The Texas Rangers are continuing to investigate the case. The incident reportedly occurred during a gathering in Williamson County, and all four employees were off-duty at the time. Gleason said someone called to report a sexual assault taking place, but that he did not know when or where the alleged assault occurred.

Mark Brunner, Williamson County First District Attorney, said only that the incident took place at a Williamson County home. It is also believed the sexual assault occurred early on Saturday morning, July 25.

Sexual assault is a very serious matter, and will leave those found guilty facing criminal penalties. Sexual assault is generally defined as any unwanted or non-consensual (not agreed to) sexual contact against another individual, usually involving penetration. Sexual assault may be called ‘rape’ by many.

In the state of Michigan, allegations of sexual assault could leave the offender facing up to life in prison if convicted. Criminal penalties will depend on the severity of the crime committed, the age of the victim, the offender’s criminal history, even whether the defendant pleads guilty or no contest to a lesser crime. The requirement to register as a sex offender is another extremely damaging consequence of a conviction.

If you have been accused of sexual assault or any similar offense, consult with an experienced and highly capable Michigan sex crimes attorney at once.

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