Gobles Man Who Allegedly Failed to Comply with Sex Offender Registry Apprehended in Indiana

On Thursday October 24, 30-year-old Carl Lee Dobbins was arrested in Marion, Indiana. Authorities had been in search of Dobbins, who allegedly failed to comply with the Michigan Sex Offender Registry. thumb-print-1-1231735-m.jpg

Dobbins was wanted on several violations according to the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office; there were three outstanding warrants in Michigan, including a bench warrant for failure to pay costs and fines required under Michigan sex offender laws, and failure to pay costs/fines to Kalamazoo Public Safety in connection with a traffic violation.

The defendant believed that if he fled to Indiana, Michigan authorities would not attempt to arrest him according to a news article at Mlive.com. Indiana police found that Dobbins was wanted in Van Buren County, and informed him of the fact. However, he refused to return and was extradited back to Michigan after the Michigan State Police Extradition Team, sheriff’s investigators, and prosecutors determined to have him arrested in Indiana. He was arrested without incident in Indiana and jailed before being escorted to the Van Buren County Jail in Michigan by State Police.

Dobbins has been arraigned on the outstanding warrants, however no dates have been released regarding future court hearings.

Failing to register on the Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry is a serious offense, a separate crime from the underlying criminal offense which resulted in Dobbins being ordered to register. Individuals must report changes in contact information, residence, and employment to the registry; failure to do so will result in serious consequences. Depending on the underlying sex offense an individuals is convicted of, some are required to register every three months. Moving out of state and failing to register is a felony offense which may result in a four year prison sentence.

It is understandable that those convicted of certain sex crimes do not want to register; the ridicule, social stigma, and other negative aspects are certainly life-altering. However, failing to register actually only makes the situation worse and leads to further punishment. If you or someone you know has been arrested for failing to register as a sex offender, it is vital to obtain the legal support and guidance of a skilled Michigan sex crimes defense attorney right away.

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