Governor Snyder Signs Sex Offender Licensing Bill

This past week Governor Rick Snyder signed three bills affecting the potential penalties and consequences for individuals found guilty of criminal sexual conduct. Because potential punishments if you have been convicted of a Michigan sex crime may have a long-lasting impact on your future, it is important to contact an aggressive Michigan sex crime lawyer as soon as possible. If you are under investigation for or have been charged with a sex crimes, you need an experienced Michigan sex crimes defense law firm immediately to begin preparing your defense and protecting your future.

The three bills address punishment for various different levels of criminal sexual conduct by health care professional. Criminal sexual conduct refers to a variety of sexual crimes including rape, statutory rape and child molestation that are categorized into four degrees. First degree CSC is often referred to by lay people as “rape,” and involves some form of penetration. Second degree CSC involves touching an intimate body party without penetration. Third degree CSC involves penetration and may be referred to by lay people as “statutory rape.” Fourth degree CSC involves sexual touching of an intimate body part.

The first bill – House Bill 4411– amends MCL 333.16245 and provides that medical licenses and registration can be permanently revoked for health care professionals convicted of first degree sexual misconduct, second degree criminal sexual conduct, or third degree sexual misconduct. Previously, an individual whose license was revoked after a conviction for a CSC was able to see reinstatement five years later. However, if a person has been convicted of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct or intent to commit a first, second of third degree CSC, they may be able to seek license reinstatement after five years.

House Bill 4412 amends MCL 333.16226 to provide that a conviction for 1st, 2d or 3d degree CSC may result in a permanent revocation of a license or registration.

House Bill 4413 provides that health care professionals may permanently lose their license if the sexual offense occurs on the job.

As punishments become increasingly harsh for those convicted of a Michigan sex crime, it is more important than ever to fight back in order to protect your reputation and your future.

For more information about the current bills or if you are under investigation for criminal sexual conduct, contact an aggressive sex crimes defense lawyer at Grabel & Associates for an immediate response.

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