Grand Rapids Former Catholic Schools Tutor Charged with First-Degree CSC Pleads Not Guilty

Abigail Marie Simon, 33, was recently charged with accosting a minor for immoral purposes and first-degree criminal sexual conduct in connection with an alleged sexual relationship with a 15-year-old student. Simon pleaded not guilty to the charges. 592163_chalk.jpg

Grand Rapids District Judge Kimberly Schaefer read the allegations against Simon, which claim the former tutor engaged in a sexual relationship with a student at her former apartment starting in February of this year and lasting through April 26, according to a news article at

Court records indicate that Simon had sent text messages to the student which included photos of herself wearing a garter belt; the boy’s mother found the messages and pictures, which led to an investigation. A transcript obtained on Friday August 9 stated that Simon had worked at both West Catholic and Catholic Central high schools as a tutor and study-hall teacher. The alleged victim told police initially that he and Simon had engaged in sexual contact, then recanted his story. He then changed his story again, saying that the two did have sexual contact. According to Grand Rapids Police Detective Amy Lowrie, text messages between the student and Simon support a sexual relationship did occur between the two.

At Simon’s arraignment hearing on Friday afternoon, a judge said Simon could be released from jail by posting $25,000. Simon is restricted from being within four blocks of the alleged victim, and is required to abide by a no-contact order.

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