Huron County Court Sets Aside Criminal Sexual Conduct Conviction In Adkins Case

The Huron Daily Tribune reports that the Huron County Court determined on Monday to set aside the 2006 fourth degree criminal sexual conduct conviction of Kenneth Adkins. Criminal sexual conduct is a general term referring to sex crimes that are categorized into four degrees – criminal sexual conduct first degree, criminal sexual conduct second degree, criminal sexual conduct third degree and criminal sexual conduct fourth degree. Criminal sexual conduct fourth degree fourth degree refers to sexual touching of an intimate body part without penetration.

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Here, a Huron County jury convicted Adkins of the sex crime for allegedly making advances to a part-time dietary aid and reaching his hands down the front of her pants. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail, probation of 30 months and must register on the Michigan sex crimes registry for 15 years from the date of the offense.

On Monday, Adkins was in court seeking to set aside his conviction – sometimes referred to as an expungement. Expungements may be possible in certain sex crimes if you only have one conviction and your conviction is for a lesser sex offense. The guidelines are set for in MCL 780.621 et. seq. and MCL 712A.1. A knowledgeable Michigan sex crimes appeals attorney can advise you whether an expungement is possible in your matter.

Based on a letter from the victim expressing forgiveness, no objection from the Attorney General’s office and Adkins’ otherwise clean criminal record, the court granted the expungement request.

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