Huron Township Rape Charges Dismissed

The Detroit News reports that criminal sexual charges were dismissed against an 18-year-old Huron High School senior after the alleged victim committed suicide. This case underscores many issues raised in criminal sexual conduct cases, especially statutory rape cases involving “Romeo/Juliet” romances.

Here, a teenage boy – a senior – allegedly had sexual relations with a freshman girl. After her mother reported the act, the boy was charged with a single count of third degree sexual conduct. Both students returned to the same highschool and were to have no contact with each other. However, tensions escalated after the girl’s mother was identified by news media and made a statement on camera. The boy then responded through the use of social media to protect his reputation.

In Michigan, many people are falsely accused of and wrongfully charged with committing sexual offenses because the law only requires an allegation be made. Often, little physical or other supporting evidence exists supporting the charges. Further, where a relationship is involved, these allegations often hinge on contradictory he said/she said testimony. Determining the true motivation for making the accusation of sexual misconduct is one the key elements to a successful defense.

Here, the true facts and circumstances of this case are unknown. However, tragically, as a result of the hysteria created by sexual misconduct allegations in this Michigan community, one life has been lost and another child’s reputation damaged.

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