Kildee Sexual Abuse Allegations Raise Questions Of Motive

Allegations of sex abuse are serious – not only does a person accused stand to face serious penalties, but also harm to their reputation. Recently, sex abuse accusations have surfaced that nearly 50 years ago Michigan Representative Dale Kildee, D-Flint allegedly molested his 15-year-old second cousin. Representative Kildee is currently 82-year-old
Sexual abuse is a serious crime. Where the charges involve minors, the potential punishments include some of Michigan’s harshest sex crime penalties such as prison sentences, heavy fines and registration on the Michigan Sex Offender Registry. If you are under investigation for or have been charged with any sex crime, it is crucial to speak to an aggressive Michigan sex crime lawyer right away to protect your reputation and begin preparing your defense.

The mother of the alleged victim accuses Representative Kildee of abusing a cousin – Patrick Kildee – starting at the time he was 12 and continuing for 5 years. The mother reported the incidents to a news station. The cousin was institutionalized twenty years ago with schizophrenia and manic depression.

At the time of the alleged offense, the statute of limitations for first-degree criminal conduct was six years. Although the time limit has since been eliminated, it is unknown whether charges will be filed. Further, because the alleged offense occurred so long ago, several are wondered why the allegations are just coming to light now. As stated by one political consultant “… if anyone wanted something to occur that was actionable, it would have occurred a long time ago.”

Kildee vehemently denies the sexual assault allegations and states “Truth is the best defense. That’s what we’ve done from the very beginning is just tell the truth. It’s unfortunate I have to defend myself this late in life but I’m going to defend myself.”

Since the story broke, news outlets around the country have carried stories questioning Kildee’s past.

The fact that the allegations are being now – when Kildee’s congressional seat is open – leads both to speculation of the motive behind the allegations and shows just how damaging sex crimes claim can be when made public. Kildee claims the allegations are part of a smear campaign to take over the seat. Kildee’s nephew, Dan Kildee of Genesee County, is also running for the open spot.

Allegations of sex crimes are serious and carry with them a significant social stigma. In order to protect your reputation and fight back, contact the aggressive Michigan sex crimes defense firm of Grabel & Associates for a free and immediate consultation.

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