Lake Michigan College Bars All Sex Offenders From Attending Its Campuses

According to the Herald-Palladium, Lake Michigan College students who are on the sex offender registry now must be individually reviewed before being allowed to continue taking classes.

Lake Michigan College, a community college educating students throughout Michigan, including Benton Harbor, South Haven, Bertrand Crossing and Niles, adopted a policy in February barring those convicted of a sex crime against a child from attending the college. School officials extended the policy this week to include all sex offenders and convicted felons, providing that any prospective or enrolled student who is on the sex offender registry will be barred from admission. If they object, potential students may have a hearing before a panel of school officials, with the opportunity to provide documentation and an explanation of their circumstance in order to gain admittance.

Unfortunately this policy adds another hurdle and a significant deterrent to individuals seeking a fresh start through education. Many of those listed on the sex offender registry have been required to do so for non-violent crimes such as sexting and consensual sex. Having to go in front of a board to defend these actions in order to gain admittance to school will likely preclude these students from applying in the first place, thereby denying many a second chance.

Placement of your name on the sex offender registry can have significant, long-lasting effects. If you have been charged with a sex offense, the best way to avoid these serious consequences is to aggressively defend your rights at the outset. For more information, please contact Grabel & Associates, a sex crimes defense firm committed to protecting individual’s rights.

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