Leoni Township Registered Sex Offender Faces 11 Criminal Sexual Conduct Charges

Geoffrey Friant, a 54-year-old Leoni Township man already listed on the Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry, has been charged with eleven counts of criminal sexual conduct after allegedly abusing boys from January of 2001 to January of this year, according to court records.

Blackman-Leoni Township Police believe that Friant may have committed even more sex offenses, and have asked anyone with information to come forward as their investigation of the defendant continues. News reports at Wilx 10 state that Friant’s alleged victims were all younger than 16, and one is known to have been under 13 when the alleged crimes occurred.

Friant is currently being held without bond in the Jackson County Jail following his January 24 arraignment. He faces two counts of attempted fourth-degree CSC, a misdemeanor, along with several felony counts including two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, and three counts of second-degree and four counts of third-degree CSC.

News reports also indicate that Friant has had previous encounters with the law, and was convicted on charges of attempted criminal sexual conduct in 1979 and 2003. Investigators believe there are more victims, although Jackson County prosecutors will not reveal what those crimes involve due to the ongoing investigation.

February 22nd is Friant’s scheduled preliminary hearing date with District Judge Michael Klaeren presiding. If convicted of first-degree CSC, Friant may spend life behind bars. Friant will spend a minimum of 25 years in prison if convicted of first-degree criminal sexual conduct due to the fact that one or more of the victims were younger than 13.

Although Michigan sex crime lawyers certainly cannot guess whether Friant is guilty of the crimes he is accused of, many people are falsely accused of these types of offenses. The criminal penalties for sex-related crimes are extremely harsh, as indicated above.

If you have been accused of sexual assault or any offense which is sexual in nature, contact an experienced and effective Michigan sex crimes attorney immediately.

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