Liberty Township Woman Who is Former PTO President Convicted on Sex Related Charges Faces Sentencing

Jill Miller, a 37-year-old Liberty Township woman and former PTO president, is scheduled to be sentenced on January 8 after she pleaded guilty in November to communicating on the Internet with another to commit a crime, and second-degree criminal sexual conduct. Miller allegedly took a video and photographs which were sexually suggestive of a 9-year-old girl before sending them to Michael Ettenberger, an Indiana school principal we wrote about last month. Miller met Ettenberger online, according to news reports at digital-camera-1-1128814-m.jpg

Assistant Prosecutor Steven Idema alleges that Miller and Ettenberger developed a relationship after meeting on a social media site, a relationship which rapidly veered into “sexual fantasy.” The two kept in contact via email and text messaging, with Ettenberger encouraging Miller to include the 9-year-old girl in their conversations.

Miller has been active in various parent groups within the Columbia School District, and was recently president of the Parent Teacher Organization at Columbia Middle School. She is a parent of four children who have been placed in the custody of their father while the court seeks to terminate her parental rights.

News reports claim Miller sent Ettenberger photographs of the girl, along with a video which revealed Miller fondling the girl over her clothes. Miller was not offered a plea agreement by prosecutors, and decided to plead guilty to avoid a trial and the publicity it would mean for her family.

While there is no indication as to the sentence Miller will be given, Michigan sex crime defense attorneys understand the seriousness of these types of charges. Second-degree CSC leaves an individual who is convicted facing up to 15 years in prison. Those convicted may also be sentenced to lifetime electronic monitoring. While criminal penalties are harsh, perhaps even worse is the damage to a person’s career, reputation, and relationships.

If you or someone you know has been accused of sexual assault, child pornography, or any sexual offense, it is urgent that you speak with a skilled and experienced defense lawyer immediately so that work can begin to protect your freedom and develop an effective course of legal action.

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