Livingston Judge Sets Aside Criminal Sexual Conduct Conviction Due To Prosecutorial Misconduct

A Pinckney man – Gary Clinton Owens – was freed from jail Wednesday after spending two years in prison on charges of second-degree criminal sexual conduct. A jury had convicted the man of inappropriately touching a then 11-year-old girl.

On appeal however, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled that the assistant prosecutor engaged in misconduct by improperly referring to Owens’ past cocaine use and making inappropriate comments in closing. The Court of Appeals also found that Owens’ own attorney had failed to use expert testimony at trial that could have cast doubt about Owens’ guilt.

The criminal justice system failed Owens at trial and he spent two years of his life locked up as a result. Unfortunately, the reality is that many people are false accused of and wrongfully charged with committing a criminal sexual conduct offense because the law only requires that an allegation of sexual misconduct be made.

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Here, not only did Owens profess his innocence, but he also lacked the tendencies typically associated with adults who sexually abuse children. However, as the result of overzealous prosecution and inadequate preparation, Owens was convicted.

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