Macomb Township Sex Offender Faces 10 Counts of Child Pornography Possession

A 45-year-old Macomb Township man has been charged with possession of child pornography, according to Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham. The man, Daniel Joseph Morris, is a convicted sex offender who was convicted in 1990 for first-degree criminal sexual conduct.

The current charges facing Morris include 10 counts of possession of child pornography. Morris also faces one count for using a computer to communicate with another for the commission of a crime. According to Wickersham, the computer charge is a seven-year felony; each of the counts of child porn possession is a four-year felony.

Michigan child pornography defense lawyers understand that without strong legal counsel, those accused face serious consequences. Social media sites, cell phones, and the internet in general have made it a simple task to transfer images that are sexually explicit or related to child pornography. Those who have been wrongfully accused of possessing these types of materials should consult with a capable attorney right away.

In this case, two individuals had been living at Morris’ home in Macomb Township for approximately two weeks, and had allegedly given them full access to the home according to authorities. The individuals saw a video which involved a 6-year-old child on Morris’ home computer, along with other images. The two then made a complaint to police, and sheriff’s office detectives executed a search warrant. According to Wickersham, detectives seized a computer and other materials in the search of the home. Morris was then placed under arrest at his place of employment.

Morris’ bond was set at $150,000 during his arraignment at the 41-A District Court in Shelby Township on July 16th.

Michigan sex crimes attorneys realize that in many cases, those who are accused of possessing child pornography are not aware that files and images which are inadvertently downloaded and then deleted can be recovered by computer forensic experts. You may not have purposely downloaded any questionable material, yet may still be charged with a crime. A skilled lawyer will work vigorously to attack the prosecutor’s case, protecting your reputation, freedom and legal rights. Don’t risk being labeled a sex offender for the rest of your life.

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